Jan 5, 2012

[english lyrics] Shinhwa - 다시 한 번만 (Dashi Han Beonman / Just One More Time)

One day, I woke up in the morning,
thinking about this memories we had.
The things between you and me, I know it’s over.
But you know, I just can’t get over

Really… I can’t… I can’t forget you
Everyday… whether my eyes are open or shut…
I can still feel my tears

That day you fell asleep in my arms… your scent in my house
All of it (I miss) really (it’s difficult) I need you

The memory of our love flows like the rain
Like a fool I cry… because I miss you
If we can meet again…
If we could love like our first time
I will do it right…
I will do everything…
I won’t let you leave

Dream… in last night’s dream… you found me and said
Saying that you’ll wait, words that only pained me more
Stop lying… that you’ll come back to me anytime
But those long periods of waiting… do not regret at all

When you came back to my side I should’ve made you stay
But why regret now
If a day like this comes by again…
I’ll make it so you’ll never go elsewhere

When you were by my side I was always uneasy
Although I could see you I’d still miss you
Can’t look in the same direction, I’d see only you
Can’t look forward, I’d see only the shadow of your back
No my tears drop to the floor
24/7 I’ll make you can’t let you go
Even though you’re not by my side,
Even though I can’t see you
I just wanna let you know

Yo if you give me one more chance to be your better man
I promise you that I do all I can
and I want you to understand
If you hold my hand I will never let go
I love you… what else needs to be said
Nothing can be expressed… but I want you to know
If only you knew

                                                                                                         Credit : angeldreams@shinhwa.biz


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