Jul 3, 2013

[english lyrics] EXO - Peter Pan

I brush off my worn out diary and suddenly, in the opened pages
You clearly are there, you still remain there just the same
I remember the pictures that I forgot all this time, small tremblings gush out of my body
It’s a bit sad that I can’t go back to those times

* I’ll go looking for you to Neverland by following Tinkerbell, who was sent by the memories
At that place, you and I are looking at each other, smiling
I’m am your eternal Peter Pan, your man who has stopped in time
I may be clumsy but I loved you so much and I will run to you

I clearly remember beating away all the villains who bothered you
From that moment, I had your heart and even shared a kiss
My heart rode the clouds and flew
You were prettier than Wendy or Cinderella
The one person who made my heart pound
As soon as I felt you, my eyes shone

* Repeat

(We were together, I wanted to hold onto you, I held out my hand but
You grew distant, don’t leave me, the me of the past is right here, where are you)

Pink faces, the feeling of walking on clouds, baby boo, the picturesque you makes my heart pound
Just like how you softly smiled with your eyes back then
If only you can fly into the opened window of my heart

You are in my fairy tale, you still linger around, sweety girl
I still get nervous – the corner of my heart without you is like a lonely island
I wrote you down in my memories, you can’t be erased, pretty girl
My heart still rushes – the corner of my heart without you is…

How much did you change while the clock’s springs were turning
I turned the last page that is written about you
But I have no courage to read it, I will erase the sad words
Our story is not be over
Because we will meet again


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