Oct 30, 2012

[english lyrics] K.Will – Please Don’t…(이러지마 제발)

We sit next to each other in the car
but there is no music
I always held your left hand but now
you’re picking at your lips
I know what you’re going to say, please don’t say it
Don’t know why Don’t know why
I want to draw out each minute, each second
But the empty road rushes me on
After going round and round, I arrive at your house
that’s so familiar and tears fall
After spending a long day finding this place,
I feel like I am lost
Please don’t, please don’t leave
Don’t know why Don’t know why
It’s not even raining but outside the window
You grow white and farther apart
Letting you go is not as easy as it sounds
I turn away, not being able to see you leave me
Tears eventually drop and
I need to wipe them away now
I don’t know whether I should
use the handkerchief
you gave me or throw it away
Why won’t this trembling go away?
I pretend to be crazy and hold onto you but
My body won’t listen to me
Intoxicated with the scent of you in the car
I don’t want to wake up forever
Please don’t (please) don’t leave please (please)
Come back (come back) come back (come back)
On top of the empty seat you left, only your cold scent remains
Please don’t, please don’t leave
Come back (come back) come back (come back)
I will hold onto the remaining scent so come back to your place


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