Jun 28, 2012

[english lyrics] Dalmatian – Hurt Me

I clear my head and look at myself in the mirrow and tighten my fist more
 Now I don't like this either and I erase all the memories in my head

 Pride ain't the thing, gave up that dream,
 What more can I do to keep you my queen
 Should I fix up my face? Should I kneel down?
 A waste of my time

 * Cause every step I take you fade away
 I'm scared but girl I'm okay
 It seems like you're just testing me but I'll just close my eyes to it, don't go
 Did you date me with a true heart? Oh no
 Why did you pretend to be my lover?
 You know and I know and thats why I go
 I'll leave and I'll never come back Yeah

 ** U hurt me, I'll let go of my memories
 U hurt me, though I gave yo my everything
 U make me So bad U make me
 So mad U hurt me I never wanna be in love
 U hurt me, I'll fly away my memories
 U hurt me, I'll smile in front of you
 U make me So bad U make
 So mad U hurt me that's why I'm gonna live without you

 Live without you Yeah Yeah

 I dreamed of Romeo and Juliet but I'll rewind to my life before you
 I wanna replay my life without me knowing who you are

 It was you, who made my heart so miserable
 It was you, who stopped the laughter in my heart
 I loved you forever but now I will never
 Never again, never again

 * Repeat

 ** Repeat

 As I sleep every day, in my dreams, I'm getting you back
 All the laughters and tears were all lies, it was a lie
 I don't know what else is left of me
 All these scars and pain are what's left of me
 So I guess this the end of me
 I need myself to smile
 Come to think about it I'm glad as to who I am now I'm back

 ** Repeat



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