Apr 18, 2012

[english lyrics] Kim Soo Hyun - Only You One Person (그대 한 사람)

So I can touch you when I hold out my hand
Please don't go too far away from me
Who are you looking for?
When the person who only waits for you
Is right here, right here

* The person who I should protect
The person who only looks at me
I pray to the moon for that person every day
The one and only person who loves me

** I love you, the one person
I love you, the one person
The only one person that I crazily loved
If the rain falls from the sky and the moon rises, will you come?
The one person who has all of me

Until I find you, keep walking to me
I will be only your light

* repeat

** repeat

Can you hear it? Can you hear my voice?
Your breath, your scent - they are all the same
But why can't you see me?

Shall we start from the beginning when we used to love?
If I can be your light and if I become your moon
Then will I be able to see you once?

The one and only person for me


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