Jan 10, 2012

[english lyrics] Jin Akanishi - Eternal

Words such as like or hate, I am unable to convey with such simple words,
This special day which only comes once a year
Over and over, till the end of time
That innocent smile, the unchanging gestures, from the place closest to me
Each and every one of them is my treasure

That you are living life with a smile
Just from that knowledge alone
I feel happy, warm, able to relent
It is what lights up my future

A mother’s warmth, being cocooned within a great love
With that I could go on for eternity

The kindness of our friends we keep to close to our hearts
We sometimes mess up, and fight, but the happiness we share with each other
The memories too many to be counted
From now on, too, will we continue to create them?

Even if there comes a time, when we are reborn into a different world
Each of us will meet again the same way,
And I will still love you the same way

There may be things that we need to overcome
Don't give up (don't give up)
No matter what comes our way, (always) I am right by your side

If I can have my wish granted
May I have a spell cast
One that ensures you will not shed tears of sadness ever again?

A life with together with you
With a brilliant smile, with confidence, and hand in hand
Together we go forward
I am looking forward to such a future

Thank you, too, for today


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