Sep 27, 2010

[english lyrics] DBSK - My Little Princess

(Micky) How can I forget all the special memories of you?
I still remember, my little princess.

(Hero) What I'm feeling must be love. It's hard to hide it, when a smile appears on my face.
(Max) I start to miss you, before the day even ends. What should I do? My heart is fallen ill.

(Hero) You won't see laziness in me anymore (you're only my girl, my love)
(Max) I only want to show you my best.

(Hero) I'm going to fly high up into the sky and tell the wotld that I love you.
(Max) Yout aura last deep into the night, girl. I'll become a star watching over you. You're my love.

(Micky)"Lets split up, and be happy." Let us never to say those words to each other.
(Xiah) Stay by my side, just as you are now. I know that I'm lacking, but I hope you understand.

(U Know) Anticipate a more mature me (you're only my girl, my love)
(Xiah) I want to become the man that was made fore you.

(Micky) Please give me permission to stay in you heart forever.
(Hero) If you feel the same way I do, there'll be no pain.
(U Know - Hero - Xiah) Now I will protect you.

(Max) For you.

(Micky) Do you know how much I love you? Please stay by my side.

(Xiah) My little princess, I'm going to show you the love I've kept hidden untill now.
(Micky) Forever, with an unchanging heart, girl.
(U Know) I'm going to loce ou more then myself.

(Micky) You're my love (I promise you)


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