Jul 27, 2010

[english lyrics] Versailles - Serenade

The sleepless nights continue, I want to see you,
my interrupted half-dreaming, ephemeral wish

You took my hand without doubting,

We walked this path together,
We promised, didn’t we?

“No matter how high the walls may be, let’s surpass them together”

Why are you no longer here? I want to see you right now

My heart is closed off, everything frightens me,

How far must I go? I cannot walk any further!

I dream because I can meet you in dreams,

Your after image fades away again,
Yes, like a shooting star

You are a dazzling light, tears clad in the night sky

become the key to my heart, opening the sealed door

If one day I’m able to see you I want to say,

“No matter how high the walls were, we surpassed them together, didn’t we?”
“Thank you, you can sleep now, because I can walk on my own”

The dream I saw with you turns into the key to my heart,

Someday I’ll surely bring morning to this night sky

Ah…resound to the wounds of the heart we all hide in our chests,

Oh notes, push through the shut gates and reach! Illuminate the darkness!


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